75 Cool Pink Bedroom Inspirations

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Presenting a cozy and beautiful bedroom is a must for you. How not? It’s a place where you spend your spare time, rest after work, sleep at night, and sometimes have chitchat with your beloved friend who visit you. Grab the best ideas and design for your bedroom. One of them can be purple/pink bedroom inspiration. It surely makes your bedroom be cozy and also charming. The soft color of purple/pink is able to make you sleep comfortably.

What can you do to your bedroom? Here is a bedroom inspiration that you can take. White color is able to make a room seems larger than the fact. Besides, it’s also elegant and easy to be combined with other colors. You would be better to apply it to the wall and ceiling in your room. If you like to present more modern sense, white flooring is a good choice. But it’s nothing wrong if you install beige tile flooring. It bring warm atmosphere.

Purple and pink will beautify the white color there. Your white bed can be more interesting by spreading a flower pink bedcover. Adding some purple pillows is really smart. The blank white wall behind the headboard can be used to put flower pink wallpaper. The wallpaper that extends from the ceiling to the floor helps to eliminate the monotony of white shades to be very beautiful and stylish.

Then, a short white shelf in front of the bed can be combined with a pink table cloth. Two white table lamps in the both side of the bed which light you when sleeping also can be beatified. You can use pink flowers which put in the glass vase. Modern and charming are to be one there. Try to keep everything in harmony by using pink glass chandelier as the main lighting there. If you are an art lover, you can get bedroom inspiration from paintings. Pink/purple paintings can be hung on the white wall and it won’t be boring.

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How to Replace Kitchen Faucet

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One of important elements in your kitchen is a faucet. Without a faucet, your activity there will be tiring and not comfortable, even it’s impossible. But, because you use it every day, it can be broken someday. Changing it is what you have to do there. By knowing how to replace kitchen faucet, you will not need to ask other’s helps. You can do that by yourself.

How to replace kitchen faucet? Here is what you should do.

1. First, you need to prepare the key pipe, pipe insulation, and of course the new faucet.

2. Secondly, you need to turn off the water flow to cover the stop tap or turn off the water pump. Open the water tap to empty the water in the pipes. If necessary, remove the goose neck faucet sink. The trick, loosen the locking bolt goose neck using a key pipeline. Adjust the size of the stopcock clockwise. When the bolt is loose, remove by hand. Remove the goose neck of the holder by pulling them.

3. Then, put the key in the tap. Turn the key counter-clockwise. Once the faucet is loose, turn up the faucet apart by hand.

4. Prepare a new faucet. Customize the shape and size with the tap function. If you have a goose neck, remove parts of it in order not to interfere.

5. Put the isolation in threaded faucet at the base of the faucet. Direction of the roll should be clockwise. Insulating pipes to prevent water seepage from cracks drat, in addition to helping steer towards the tap hole properly.

6. Last, attach the faucet to the water pipe. Turn clockwise. Tighten the lock put on the pipe. While tightening, taking into account the direction of the water hole.

7. Now, check you work. Go back to the stop tap or turn on the water pump. Observe employment new faucet. If water is flowing smoothly, you can use the new faucet.

Those are the ways how to replace kitchen faucet. Know them well and do when you have to change your faucet.

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60 Amazing Kitchen with Countertop Ideas

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The beauty of your kitchen is not only determined by the design of your kitchen, but also determined by the selection of the countertops. By selecting a right countertop, it can help you to clean and of course gives contribution in creating a cozy kitchen. Catch great countertop ideas and apply them to your kitchen.

There are many countertop ideas that can be taken for you. One of them is DIY countertops. By making your own countertop, you not only get the countertop you want, but will also gain a certain satisfaction. Not many people do that. They prefer to get it from the store, but you do not. Show your abilities through the countertop. Your wife will definitely love you more and more.

One of DIY countertops that you can do is a penny countertop on your kitchen island. Have you ever known that? Penny countertop which combined with cabinets produces a nuance of rustic but rich. Your countertop which is elongated can be divided into two parts. Half can be used for wood and you can make the rest into a countertop penny. The coins which are mounted in a row-row can be made into unique shapes. You can shape it resembles the figures of your idol or perhaps a cartoon character that is you like.

Then, frame the pennies with wooden frames. You need to place a glass above the countertops. It will keep the pennies which put there. You will easy to clean it, too. Make sure the existence of countertop by combining with great combinations. You can begin to choose white wall as the first combination. Next, you can get a rustic nuance with wooden flooring. Although it needs an extra care, but it’s very good.

Wooden cabinets will make your kitchen tidy. Just store your kitchen tools there. Don’t let your penny countertop useless. Add some black chairs there. Enjoy the beauty of pennies while eating. The countertop ideas can be combines with great lighting to create an amazing kitchen. Use pendant lamps over the countertop of your kitchen island, the lighting will eliminate the pennies and it will be great.

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55 Wonderful IKEA Kitchen Designs

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Make you comfortable when cooking is not a simple way. Sometimes, one’s mood can be influenced by the conditions in the kitchen. Even, you may be lazy to cook because your kitchen is really boring, whereas you have to prepare a meal for your family. So, you need to do something for that. Making your kitchen to be wonderful is the way. There are many ways that you can apply to your kitchen. One of them is by applying a wonderful IKEA kitchen.

By presenting IKEA product in your kitchen, your cooking will be one activity that you never want to miss it.
You can start to design your kitchen from the floor selection. White flooring can be a good choice. Combine with stripes brown wall. It will not boring. And you can paint the ceiling with white, too. It’s done to make the room more modern. Keep the neatness of your kitchen by proving IKEA wooden cabinets. Place all your kitchen tools there. Don’t let your cookware fills the room. They can make your kitchen look messy.

Dark wooden cabinets can be yours if you want to make it as the main point of your kitchen. Next, you activity of washing dishes will be more interesting by using IKEA sinks. White IKEA sinks are beautiful in combining with white countertop. Let the eyes for a moment staring at the beautiful scenery outside by presenting glass windows with white sills. Add green potted plants on the sills. It’s very fresh.

So, by those ways, you can enjoy doing activity there. Then, you can apply IKEA Kitchen Island to your kitchen. Place it in the middle of the room. There are many styles of them that you can choose. U shaped kitchen island with white counter top can be your choice. Add some IKEA chairs around it, so you may also have a breakfast in your IKEA Kitchen. Perfect your wonderful IKEA kitchen by pendant lamps. Hang the over the kitchen island, and you can get a nice sensation while enjoying your meals.

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